October 10th, 2018
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We Are Exclusively Coiffance Professional!

Hello all of our amazing readers! This week we are going to touch base on the product and color line we use in our salon, the benefits, and why we are using it! Here at Paramount Pampering we are a Coiffance Exclusive salon. What does this mean? This means that for the most part for styling and coloring needs, we use Coiffance brand color, lighteners, glazes, shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. So if your stylist hasn’t given you the full breakdown of beneficial properties of our line, you’ve come to the right place! Our color line has a very high amount of plant-based ingredients. Less chemicals, less sensitivity, less irritation, more relaxing services, better results.  Sold! There is a significantly lower percentage of ammonia in the color which is crucial in long lasting results. When someone purchases a box of color from the store, they are purchasing a color very high in ammonia which can cause the hair cuticle to stay open and prevent the color from being shut into the center of the strand.  Keep this in mind too, when you come to the salon, we have a variety of color options, gray coverage, blending, enhancing, neutralizing, etc.  Box color is one stop shop, you pick a color, you apply it, sometimes it works, but for the most part you receive drab, dull color.  Oh and don’t even get us started on having previously colored hair and attempting to place a lighter color on top, you might as well just book the color correction now! Our product line includes different categories.  These categories cover different things, there is the color line for the ultimate color protection, purple shampoo to help keep our blondes ashy and icy, nutri for the most nutrition, volume for our big hair lovers, daily for those who want something gentle, and the sun line for UVA and UVB protection! There is something for everyone.  When a salon becomes an exclusive salon, that means they have tried and tested the products and have fallen in love, it means that in their professional opinion it is the best, and there is nothing more they would rather use and give to their clients.  We have chosen to be a Coiffance Professional, at your next appointment ask your stylist why he/she loves this brand so much! We know you will too!



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