January 25th, 2019
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Staying Germ Free This Winter

We all know the dreaded feeling, the body aches start, the chills, your nose begins to get stuffy and before you know it- you’re calling out of work! With the winter cooties flying around frequently, we wanted to share some tips and tricks on how to stay germ-free!

Number 1: Step up your hygiene game!

You know the rules, wash your hands after using the restroom or before eating or handling food. But how often do you wash your hands other than those two times? So we encourage everyone to antibacterial-ize! Products like Purell and Lysol are great things to keep around the house, in your purse, at your desk, in the car, wherever! Nothing beats a good ol’ traditional warm water and lather with handsoap, but it’s a great way to keep the germs down to a minimum! Remember; just like brushing your teeth- sing the happy birthday song 2x and you’ve officially washed for the right amount of time!


Number 2: Keep your hands to yourself!

Door knobs, cell phones, elevators, escalators, keyboards (yes, i’m totally grossed out right now!),  money, change, car steering wheels, and anything in public places are riddled with germs! If you’re out and about and must touch any of these items, be sure to avoid touching your eyes, or face.  The main thing is to stay away from anyone who is sick! Each cough omits germs into the air that can be easily breathed in and cause you to become ill as well. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!


Number 3: Immune System Support

It’s very difficult to make sure you receive the adequate vitamins to keep your immune system ready to take charge should a cootie try to invade your system, so supplements are key.  Most of what you need is found in nature, Vitamin C is found within oranges as an example.  Take a look at the labels in your local pharmacy and you’ll see what the most common vitamins are, these tend to be the most commonly lacking.  Something so inexpensive can make all the difference! One thing that I recently learned is the abundance of benefits that come from Omega 3 fatty acid. Not only can they improve things such as eye health, but they can help improve your mental state, resulting in a more protected immune system.  Science is cool!

Number 4: Breathe in, breathe out!

Purify the air you breathe while you’re asleep, cooking dinner, or watching Tv with the kids.  Using air filters throughout your home the are labeled as high efficiency is a great way to keep the air clean. Think of it this way, its 13 degrees outside and all the windows and doors are shut tight, the heat is cranking and everyone is stuck inside because let’s face it, who likes the cold that much? All the dirt, dander, dust, mold, anything and everything get’s sucked into the air system that heats your home, and gets pushed right back out.  High efficiency filters only allow micro-particles to pass through, aka air! Leave the dust bunnies behind!

Number 5: Sometimes disposable is the way to go.

This ones very important to those who do not have a dishwasher at home, or whose dishwasher doesn’t have a sanitize setting.  Utensils, cups and plates that are disposable are a great way for someone who isn’t feeling well to put a stop to spreading those germs.  Typically, you’d use hot water and dish soap to clean plates and utensils at home, but when if you miss a spot, the waters not hot, whatever the case may be? When they use it, and toss it, the germs go right into the trash! Don’t forget- we encourage recycling as well! If you do have a dishwasher in your kitchen, try to utilize the santize setting to encourage all the germs being killed from the high heat!


Last but not least!

Number 6: Namaste, in the house!

The best way to avoid the spreading of germs, is to make sure that you encourage friends, family and coworkers to stay home until a fever breaks and stays down for at least 24 hours.  Using NSAIDS to drop a fever does not count as not being sick, and you are still contagious.  Always, always, always follow a medical professionals advice first and foremost, they know best. If you feel as though you need to see a medical professional, go! Your body is very sensitive, and with the way illnesses are propelling each year to become worse and worse, its better to be safe, than sorry.  Don’t push yourself to do more than you feel you can handle, safety first. Getting plenty of rest is key, while you are sick, and getting a full nights rest is crucial in keeping healthy.


Thank you for reading!

Paramount Pampering signing off, ’til next time!






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