February 7th, 2019
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Ready. Set. Wed!

Hello everyone! This week we are talking wedding prep again! We touched base on this topic once before but the height of bridal season is coming up very quickly so we wanted to create the bride’s guide to feeling her best on her big day!  Now, most hair colorists will tell you the optimal time to start working towards your goal hair color is one year prior to your wedding date. Sounds dramatic? Let’s break it down. Say you’re wanting a nice soft blonde for your wedding day. When you look at the photos ten, fifteen or twenty years from now you picture yourself being a blonde.  Now, your hair is a chocolate brown, you’ve colored it before, so your options become one; grow it all out and start virgin, or two; highlights! There isn’t enough time to start from scratch as your hair grows only about a half an inch per month, so the highlighting process must begin! Then thereafter, you see your stylist about every 6-10 weeks depending on the look you’re going for. Typically you’d see your stylist roughly 6 or 7 times a year. We are such a high volume balayage salon that even with our natural dark haired or colored treated, we typically see them 6-7 times before they achieve their target color.  It’s also best in that year time frame to begin working on your skin.  Fresh clean pores, and no blemishes is best in making sure you have a flawless makeup application. Our spa has a lot of guests who decide that they want to start the contouring process along with their gym routine to make sure they feel their best for the big deal.  Body contouring is a process involving the use of machines (non-invasive) and massage to help breakdown fat cells which get pushed to the lymphatic system and drained from the body.  It helps the stubborn areas such as your back, chin, hips, thighs, arms, butt and also helps with cellulite! It’s a great idea for those who are getting married and heading right into a honeymoon to make sure you feel your absolute best.  Our body contouring technicians have before and after photos showing the process over the course of 10 session and the results are awesome. Roughly 6 months prior to the big day you’ll want to decide whether you’re a gel manicure, or artificial nail kind of bride!  You’ll need to get routine nail services, including pedicures to make sure the nails are in the best shape possible.  Hair trials should be scheduled 3 months in advance and two styles are always suggested incase your hair is the type to not hold a curl and if easily affected by the weather.  The day/night before the big day is most important. Getting a full nights sleep is very very crucial, yes we know easier said than done, but it helps in making sure you have plenty of energy for the next day.  Being well rest makes the makeup artists job easier, less baggage! If you’re rehearsal dinner is the night before, schedule a blowout with your hairstylist coming to do your hair the next morning, they will know exactly what was put into your hair the day before and have the style prepped well enough for the next day. Do not, do not, do not wash it!  The height of bridal season is approaching, between March and October and rapidly spreading into the off months, our staff is excited to see what this season holds.  We have been diving deep into new techniques to help us take our updos and wedding styles to the next level. Paramount Pampering is your premier location for all your bridal needs, we cannot wait to get the season started!

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