October 19th, 2018
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From Mane’s to Manicures

At Paramount Pampering, we want to become the mane destination 😉 for all of your beauty needs. See what we did there? As all of you may know, we have a very large calling for hair services, but our spa department is a little on the quiet side.  Now when we say quiet side, we don’t mean that we aren’t busy, we mean that literally! So today we want to go into a bit more detail about the different things we offer! Our spa department includes Tatiana, Karishma, Melanie and Magaly! Karishma and Magaly are our massage therapists, but they don’t stop there. Their services range from deep tissue massage, to oxygen facials to body contouring services!  Melanie offers individual eyelash extensions, gel manicures and pedicures. When it comes to lash extensions, your best and safest bet is to always book with a trained professional.  Melanie is certified with Elan Lashes, and pays very close attention to detail, making sure you are not only relaxed during your service, but that her work is clean and shes very conscientious of the elements that could effect the longevity of your lashes so its crucial she does the best work she can to give you the best results.  Tatiana offers meticulously cleaned and manicured fingers and toes! She is extremely thorough and particular about her tools, products and cleanliness. It is safe to say we are a team full of people who love clean clean clean! When walking into the salon, if you continue back into the hallway you will see two doors to the left.  This is where some or our magic happens! These rooms are designed and treated for zen! From soothing waterfall sounds, dim lighting, warming blankets, soft spa music and fuzzy bathrobes, its a little piece of heaven and a break from the norm!  We encourage everyone to take some time for themselves as often as possible! Don’t forget- check your treat card points to see if you qualify for any spa services with a point redemption!



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