November 28th, 2018
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Major Laser!

Yes yes yes! We are officially offering laser hair removal here at Paramount Pampering! Not only that but we are now offering facial rejuvenation layering as well. So what is facial rejuvenation lasering? It is one of newest cosmetic procedures, and its popularity increasing among the population. A lot of this is due to the fact that the laser has some advantages over other methods of skin rejuvenation. This method requires a shorter recovery period, and since modern lasers are softer, the results show faster, and last longer with the least amount of down time! So what are some of the benefits of laser rejuvenation? The benefits surrounding it include lesser amounts of acne, from moderate to severe, as well as anti-aging properties.  Crow’s feet and wrinkles become dimished, and the top layers of the skin are eliminated revealing brand new, more youthful looking skin. So how often can a person receive a treatment like this? Depending on the needs of the guest, treatments can be worked into a weekly routine or up to a bi-weekly routine. Sunscreen is high recommended so the skin does not become irritated, even in the winter months.


Let’s talk laser hair removal! Treatments can be done a monthly basis! The big question? Yes, you can do your normal grooming in-between treatments!! The entire process is very simple and fast.  Shaving 2 days before your treatment to remove so the hair follicle becomes exposed so laser can work efficiently.  The laser cannot work through the hair that will show above the surface of the skin so in order to get optimal results each time, shaving is mandatory. Just like the rejuvenation laser for the face, it is necessary to make sure that even in cold weather months, sunscreen is worn!



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