January 17th, 2019
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Let’s Talk Product

This week we really wanted to take some time to talk about why stylists and people in the beauty industry are so persistent about consumers not purchasing products online, from drug stores and broad range product retailers. It’s a very loaded and complex question to answer but let’s start from the very basics.  It’s not a very well known piece of information but, when you purchase product from your salon, that money doesn’t just help replenish those products that you love, it provides education.  Here’s an example; when a large product order is made through a company, what a lot of people don’t know is that behind the scenes there is an entire education team that gets sent out to teach the stylists how to use those products. They break it down, its in depth.  They tell you what the active ingredients are, the explain what they do, the ideal candidate for those products, what they work best with, there are many factors that go into it.  But when the market gets hot, ordering products can take a turn for the worse.  There have been reports with majority of the famous products lines most salons carry, where the products are popping up in main stream pharmacies, department stores, on within the online shopping market. The main problem with this, is that often times the products should not be sold in these places and are only guaranteed by a professional salon. Here’s the real deal, if you can buy your gym socks in the same store as your shampoo, it’s most likely not supposed to be there! So if the products are not supposed to be there, yet you can still find them there, chances are it’s counterfeit, or it can often times being put there illegally. The third reason, which is the worst and scariest is that the product bottle has been refilled or the product itself has been replaced with something that feels and smells comparative to the original, however it is not.  The technology behind the products and the ingredients is a very deep scientific process, especially when you are intertwining products that are a lot more natural. It becomes a fews steps longer of a process when you take into consideration creating a specific line within your product variation that caters to people who have chronic issues such as dandruff, or as far as psoriasis. The shampoo and product market dab into the medical field quiet often.  What is a real concern of ours is hearing some pretty well known product lines in cosmetics who have had fillers placed into their formulations, one specific report was that guests noticed after applying the product they felt stuck, and sticky. So just to really express to our readers how dangerous it can be to use these products, the mystery filler in that product was glue! Other claims have been of consumers hair falling out after using certain counterfeit products. The market will always try to beat the price, however, at what cost is it worth the risks? We take a lot of pride in carrying a product line that does not come with a diversion issue, we have also do an extensive amount of research in our establishment to make sure that we are providing the best, offering the best services, but it doesnt stop there. We spend countless hours around the clock trying to keep up with the best health, and beauty tricks and tips. What many don’t realize is how difficult it can be to stay on top, but we do it! We love this business, we love you, our guests, and we love testing and trying out new services and products to offer. Thanks for your consent support! ‘Til next time!




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