September 26th, 2018
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But First, Let Me Take A Selfie!

Today ladies and gents, we’re talking the perfect selfie!  What makes for a good one? We’re going to talk all about it.

First, get the right lighting for your selfie.  Lighting is everything, so ideally you’ll want plenty of natural light to take the perfect photo. Set yourself up in front of a window so the light is hitting your face- not coming in from behind you. Head outside! When the skies are overcast the lighting is best.  Direct sunlight can often be too harsh and cause you to squint.  Squinting is a no-no!

Keep it simple!  Go for a background that’s simple but still pretty.  You want it to be clutter free.  Try to avoid any text or signs, unless that is the point of the photo in the first place. Just remember, these can show up backwards sometimes!

Be you- make the moment unique to you.  Show your personality and don’t be afraid to be funny. Add some accessories, find a cool backdrop.  If you want to, purchase a ring light just like the pros! While you dont want your photo to be too too busy, you still want it to be authentic to you.

Props!! Feeling shy? Call your furry friends over to jump in for the photo! Coffee cups, succulents, any props can add visual interest!

Cheese!- don’t forget to smile!  Tilting the chin down will help slim the face if you are feeling a little fluffy in the cheeks. Life is beautiful and we have so much to smile for!!



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