Helping Puerto Rico

Helping Puerto Rico


The World has been severly hit with history making weather this past year. From St. Marten to Houston people’s lives have changed completely and for some,forever. Puerto Rico is especially personal to us here at Paramount. Puerto Rico was hit with a category 4 storm that has left 95% of the island without electricity and almost half of the island without running water. The devastation left by these storms has taken homes, personal memories, and loved ones. While help is on its way-these people are in desperate need of everyday necessities. Tooth brushes , diapers, canned food, clothing items, and so on.

I am very proud that the team at Paramount has decided to help out our friends and family in Puerto Rico. We will be accepting supplies to ship out and we have set up a donation box for funds at the front desk where 100% of what’s collected will go towards helping the island. We ask that you give what you can and join us in aiding the Puerto Rican people. Anything is appreciated. But that’s not all.

We want to take it a step further and really show our love and support by providing words of encouragement. We have all decided to write to some of those affected. Messages of hope, strength, faith and courage, letting them know there are people here working to help restore get their homes and lives. Let’s come together and show love and support for this beautiful, lively country and it’s people! We stand with you Puerto Rico!

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