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Bridgewater NJ Hair SalonIt can be hard to choose between hairstyles. Whether you’ve always had long hair and you’d like to chop it all off, or you’ve had a bob and you’d like to grow it out and style it like Jennifer Aniston, there are plenty of styles to choose between. Which style should you choose? To make deciding a little easier, here are some of the best hairstyles sorted by face shape to keep in mind:

The Best Hairstyles According to Face Shape


If you have a round face, you have plenty of hair styles to choose between. You have the opportunity to keep your hair long, have your hairstylist give you choppy layers, play with gentle waves or introduce long, swoopy bangs into your style. These are the perfect hairstyles to help hide the roundness of your face and highlight your favorite features, such as your eyes or smile.


Women with square faces tend to look the most gorgeous with a flattering long hairstyle. Try sweeping your hair around one side of your shoulder and show off your jawline; however, try to avoid bangs, because they’ll give your face a more compact look.Hair by Ahlyza copy


Stop and congratulate yourself because oval faces are the most versatile face shape! Women with oval faces can pull of nearly any hairstyle you want to give a try. Whether you want a short bob; a choppy, long hairstyle or a hairstyle that includes bangs, an oval shape can pull it all off.

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