Top Hairstyles That Show Change

1(3)Have you had the itch to change up your look? If so, what have you been thinking about changing? Has changing your hairstyle been on your mind? If so, it’s time you start to check out the latest trends. Today, Somerville’s top hair salon, Paramount Pampering Salon and Spa, will be giving readers the information they need to figure out once and for all, what they’d like to change about their plain-Jane hairstyle.

Bridgewater NJ Hair Salon2 Popular Hairstyles That Are In Right Now

Golden Blonde

A great hairstyle that many women love is classic golden blonde. This warm and soft hair color brings out every woman’s eye color in the best way possible. Whether you have short or long hair, a golden blonde color is a winner for many who are willing to rock it. A celebrity who shines light on this hairstyle is Natalie Portman.

Ombre Tips

If you’ve been wanting to choose a hairstyle that’s different than all others you’ve ever had, you may want to talk to our hair salon about ombre tips. What is ombre? Ombre is faded brunette to bronze strands and it adds a completely multi-dimensional look to whoever decides to rock this hairstyle. It’s a low-maintenance look many women love. A celebrity who shines light on this hairstyle is Alexa Chung.

Though these are the only two hairstyles we know you’ll love to consider, they’re two that will make your hairstyle really stand out. Contact the leading hair salon in Somerville today to learn more about our incredible hairstylists.

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